What's on Offer ? 

Iain offers  a variety of support for schools. He is based in Gloucestershire, however, being close to the M5 motorway can travel to neighbouring counties. He is also available to offer advice and support through video-conferencing or phone calls. 

Classroom Events 

We went to Kenya today

Iain offers primary schools an active, participatory experience for infants and juniors, based on Kenyan culture and customs. Iain uses his extensive knowledge of Kenya to engage the children through a variety of classroom activities. He has a wide range of Kenyan clothing and ornaments, musical instruments and hand-made crafts and household itmes. 

Handa's Surprise

Using photographs of Kenyan animals and a range of artefacts, Iain can make the Handa's Surprise story come alive in the classroom. Handa comes from the Luo tribe in west Kenya, with whom Iain has spent much time. 

Banana Trading Game

Instead of just telling pupils about fair trading, Iain uses a trading game, involving creating and selling paper bananas, to help pupils understand the unfairness of global trade and the importance of fair trade. This activity is aimed to juniors or lower secondary classes. The activity takes about two hours, so two or three classes could be engaged during one day. 

Global Education Support and Professional Development 

Grant Application Support

As a British Council Schools Ambassador and an experienced Global Educator Iain is well placed to provide support to schools when they are putting together an application for a Connecting Classrooms through Global Learning funding application. Iain can visit your school to meet with your international team or can communicate via a video conference facility or phone call. Iain has experience of organising exchange visits and has led many teacher visits to Kenya and other countries. 

The United Nations Global
Sustainable Development Goals

The Connecting Classrooms through Global Learning (CCGL) programme offers free professional development course at three different levels to schools. These courses are not dependent on schools having received CCGL funding. Iain is a fully qualified trainer and can advise on courses that would meet your school's needs. 

International School Partnerships

Would you like your school to develop an international school partnership? An international partnership provides opportunities for your pupils to find out about different cultures first-hand from their international peers. Iain can provide advice on how to create sustainable partnerships that can enhance classroom projects and help create global citizens.