About Iain Baird

Iain was a secondary school science teacher for 40 years and has been involved with global education and international partnerships for over 20 years. He has led many student and teacher visits to European countries, East Africa and Japan. He took an opportunity in 2012 to leave full-time teaching and establish World Class Citizens Ltd in order to provide schools and colleges with advice and support for global education and international partnerships. He is a British Council School Ambassador and has provided professional development courses for the British Council on a variety of global education topics, as well as Connecting Classroom grants and the BC International School Award. 

Tujuane Kenya Project

Iain helped to set up a six school international student exchange project in 2012, between three secondary schools in Gloucestershire and three schools in western Kenya. Under Iain's leadership this project has continued until the present day, having provided over 200 youngsters to visit their partner's schools and join lessons. Exchange visits have a curriculum theme, which is often environmental. The schools are supported by the Wildlife Clubs of Kenya, as well as World Class Citizens Ltd. 

Okinawa School Partnership

Iain established a partnership between his school and schools in Chatan province in Okinawa. Following visits by teachers and students to Gloucestershire, over many years, Iain led a small group of students to visit Okinawa in 2014. These exchange visits have now continued with many teachers and students having taken part in the exchanges. 

Other International Projects led by Iain 

Middle East Partnership

Iain helped to established a partnership between his school and one Qatar, through a British Council led Middle East project. His school were able to host a visit by two teachers from their partner school 

Primary School Cluster Link 
Project with Kenya

In 2015 Iain led a Connecting Classrooms cluster project involving 20 primary schools in Gloucestershire. He used his knowledge of Kenya to arrange travel and accommodation for the groups visiting Kenya. 

Rwanda School Partnership

Iain was able to support a cluster of schools in Monmouthshire who established partnership with schools in Rwanda. This photograph shows Iain with a traditional Ankoli cow. 

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