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"I Went to Kenya Today!"

We have a variety of Kenyan resources that can be used with class to give them an experience of being a Kenyan child. A typical session might include and follow these:


  • Giving each child a Kenyan name based on when they were born during the day. The Luo tribal naming system is used as it links with the Handa's Surprise book and resources.

  • Dressing in tribal clothes, emphasising the range of tribes and languages in Kenya.

  • Introduction to Swahili with some typical greetings and names.

  • Going on 'safari' to spot and counting different animals in pictures.

  • Comparing the height of a giraffe and the size of an elephant's foot.

  • Cooking and eating ugali and beans using traditional jiko.

  • Making toys from scrap materials, e.g. football from carrier bags.

we went to kenya today Cooking ugali cmp jiko cmp


Cooking ugali and beans - a traditional East African meal. The children watched the jiko being lit, but the meal was cooked more hygienically!  Chakula nzuri!

Kenyan recycled cmp 2

Toys and items made from recycled materials by resourceful Kenyans are used to stimulate children to make their own toys from household junk. The football made from plastic bags always proves popular.

Can you tell what the sandals are made from in this collection?

kenyan book0001

Story books, like this one above, are used as a basis for literacy work with the children and there will be story maps and word mats available. It is a delightful book that introduces many aspects of life for a Kenyan child.