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Helping Schools Develop Global Citizens

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World Class Citizens can provide support to schools for

  • International Weeks

  • Africa Days

  • International Themed Curriculum

  • Model United Nations Events

  • Bespoke international activities

Currently based in West Gloucestershire, we can support schools in Gloucestershire, Bristol, Herefordshire and South Worcestershire. However please contact us if your school is not in these areas and we may be able to help.

For more information contact Iain at [email protected]

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Global Learning Professional Development


Iain has many years of experience of professional development in one of the top schools in the country. He also provides workshops and presentations to the British Council and other global education training providers. World Class Citizens can provide a wide range of training, including a British Council approved Global Pathways to Excellent Education.

For more details of professinal development courses go the What's on Offer or click here:


Iain Baird is an experienced Global Learning educator and can help you and your pupils  develop their global learning attitudes and skills. Iain can help you establish a successful international partnership, introduce global learning into your classroom activities and help you with your professional development in global education. We work with a number of recognized international organisations, such as the British Council.

Iain Baird is a British Council Schools Ambassador.

What's on Offer

International Activities for Your School

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Latest News

The British Council have just announced that their School Exchange Grant Programme has been extended for another year. Not only that, but they are now including Y5 & Y6 pupils.


This grant programme provided funds to allow schools to take students on a visit to their international partner school - anywhere in the world!

For more details go the Global Links or to the British Council SchoolOnline website

FREE Global Learning CPD

As part of the Connecting Classrooms through Global Learning (CCGL) programme the British Council have a range of Global Learning courses on offer to schools. These courses are fully funded and provide basic to advanced courses in a number of different subject areas. Schools do not have to be part of the CCGL programme to take advantage of these courses. Some are face-to-face, some online and some a mix.

For more information check into the SchoolsOnline website: britishcouncil.org/school-resources/develop-skills/connecting-classrooms

Thought about an international partnership for your school?


In this post-Brexit age it is even more important for our young people to learn about the wider world and it's different cultures, religions and languages. By setting up an international partnership you can provide opportunities for your students to collaborate directly with students on the other side of the world and find out first hand about the lives. Iain can help you find the ideal partners overseas and how to build a long-lasting partnership.