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World Class Citizens can provide support to schools for

  • International Weeks

  • Africa Days

  • International Themed Curriculum

  • Model United Nations Events

  • Bespoke international activities

Currently based in West Gloucestershire, we can currently support schools in Gloucestershire, Herefordshire and South Worcestershire. However please contact us if your school is not in these areas and we may be able to help.

For more information go to info@worldclasscitizens.co.uk

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" The student exchange opportunity we had in Kenya was incredible. The people we met and experiences shared have surely shaped who I am today ".


                       Megan Sharp. (Kenya UK exchange student).

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Iain has many years of experience of professional development in one of the top schools in the country. He also provides workshops and presentations to the British Council and other global education training providers. Working with GLADE, World Class Citizens can provide a wide range of training, including Global Learning Programme e-credit courses.

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Professional Development

  • Iain Baird has considerable experience of international partnerships, school exchanges and global learning.

  • Iain is a British Council Professional Ambassador.

  • Iain has worked as an assessor for both the Connecting Classroom Grant Programme and the International School Award programme can therefore provide valuable information to help with grant applications.

  • Iain Baird has much knowledge of East African culture and can provide interesting and stimulating lessons for infant, junior and secondary pupils, using the many resources that he has collected on his travels.

  • Find out more about Iain's qualifications and experience and what others say about his global education work.

We can help you and your pupils  develop their global learning attitudes and skills. We can help you establish a successful international partnership, introduce global learning into your classroom activities and help you with your professional development in global education. We work with a number recognized international organisations, such as the British Council. Iain Baird is a British Council Schools Ambassador.

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