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Global Learning Programme

The Global Learning Programme is a new initiative to provide schools with more support for their work in preparing young people to succeed in a globalised world. The support is to be provided within networks of schools working together, with one school acting as a hub or 'expert centre'. Teachers in the partner schools will have opportunities to learn from more experienced teachers, as well as take part in accredited courses that they can 'buy into' using e-credits that are provided to each partner school.


For more information about the Global Learning Programme and how to get your school      

involved go to the GLP website at www.uk.pearson.com/global-learning-programme or click here:

The list of accredited courses include:

  • Global Teachers Award Level 1

  • Critical and Reflective Learning in the Curriculum

  • Understanding Education and Development

  • Child Rights and Global Citizenship

  • Active and Global Citizenship


World Class Citizens, working in association with GLADE, can provide GLP accredited courses for both GLP partner schools and non-GLP schools. The list of accredited courses that is available from GLADE can be downloaded here:

How do I get my school involved in the Global Learning Programme ?

If you are interested then visit the Global Learning Programme website and become familiar with the aims of the programme. If your leadership group would like to get your school involved, then the first step is to register your school. This will be picked up by your regional coordinator who will make contact with you. Your regional coordinator may discuss whether you want your school to become a hub or 'expert centre'. This will only be possible of your school has achieved a certain amount of experience and expertise in global learning and has a member of staff who is willing to coordinate a network of 15 schools or more. Funding is available to help schools with this coordination.


As a partner school your staff will benefit from the shared knowledge and experience of the GLP network, as well £500 in e-credits to buy-in accredited courses that will help with the specific global learning CPD needs of your staff.