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School Contact Details.

World Class Citizens Ltd keeps a record of school e-addresses and sometimes the name of the Headteacher, which have been obtained from the publicly accessible school websites. No other personal details related to schools are stored.


The e-addresses of schools are used to send newsletters and information sheets about global education and international partnerships.


School Visits

World Class Citizens Ltd collects personal details of students and teachers who are involved in an international school visit project. These include e-addresses and home addresses, mobile phone numbers, student photographs and relevant medical data (vaccinations etc). Only those details that are required to meet the criteria for travel agencies and airlines, as well as information that helps the staff maintain the wellbeing of students in their care, would be collected. At the end of a visit all the electronic data is deleted and paper copies shredded.


E-addresses of parents is used to send out relevant information concerning their children’s international visit.