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 What Classroom Packages are available ?

  KS1 & 2. Kenya classroom experience using variety of Kenyan resources

"I went to Kenya today!" Fair and Unfair Trade

  Whole School International Day. Ideas and support for whole school event.

  KS2 & 3. Pupils learn about unfairness within the world's trading system through

  practical activities.

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World Class Citizens have a wide variety of resources available which can be used to provide lessons and activities for all Key Stage classes. The activity classrom packages shown below can be adapted to fit in with whatever curriculum targets your team have identified. Please feel free to contact Iain to discuss your requirements.

  KS2 & 3. From Egypt to Namibia. Explore the similarities and contrasts within Africa.

fairtrade_logo we went to kenya today Price Schedule A africa-physical globe International Day Africa Price Schedule A Price Schedule A Price Schedule A Resource Box

We can also offer an Africa and an International resource box that contain a selection of objects to get your pupils asking questions. Each object has a an information sheet that explains its relevance to the culture from which it came. For more information click one the Resource Box.