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Unfair and Fair Trade

The young people will then consider the long term consequences of this unfairness and will be asked to suggest possible solutions. The aims of the Fair Trade Foundation will be explained and examples of their work will be highlighted.

The youngsters will then be encouraged to consider how they can change their consumer habits in order to support a fairer trading system. School Council members can explore ways of introducing Fair Trade products into the school, with the aim of gaining Fair Trade School status.

By using a simulation game in which groups of young people act out the roles of producers; traders and retailers along the long global trading chain, between deveoping countires and wealthy consumer regions. The young people will quickly appreciate the unfairness of the system and will gain an understanding of some of the global issues without having to listen to a lecture or a presentation.

People around the world earn money by trading their surplus food, their manufactured products or their skills. However, trade can bring both positive and negative consequences. In this package the young people will be encouraged to explore the reasons behind the widening of the wealth gap between the rich countries and poorer countries.

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Suitable for top juniors and KS3 pupils

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More information on the Fairtrade Foundation can be found on their website: www.fairtrade.org.uk

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