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Despite us leaving the EU, the British Council have a contract to provide Eramus Plus support until 2020. Therefore it is assumed that the Eramus Plus programme will continue until the contract runs its course. A future UK government may choose to continue to its involvement with the programme. Like everything to do with the EU, we have to wait and see!

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Eramus + Key Action 1 (Mobility of learners and Staff ) provides financial support for staff who wish to pursue their training needs, by visiting one or more countries in the EU. This may be to observe high quality teaching and learning, to pursue some professional development or to carry out educational research. Staff are required to identify what they want to achieve from such a visit and then to complete an on-line application form. If successful, there is financial support available to cover the cost of transport and accomodation whilst visiting schools in one of the countries that forms part of the Eramus Plus programme. There is more information available on the Eramus Plus website.


A wide range of courses are available and bespoke courses can also be sought. These can be viewed through the School Education Gateway website.


You may wish to work with international partners in one or more of the 32 countries that are part of the Eramus Plus programme. If so, you can set up partnerships through the eTwinning network.

Key Action 1 for Staff Working in Schools

Key Action 2 for Schools and Learners in Schools

Eramus Plus Key Action2 ( Strategic Partnerships ) projects can be set up by a local authority or by individual schools. Unfortunately no other organisations are permitted to make applications. The projects must match one or more of the priority objectives that have been set out for this particular programme. Full details of these are available in the Eramus Plus programme guide.


Key Action 2 projects can involve just one school, or a large group of schools. The project can last up to 3 years and must meet clear objectives and match the priority criteria. The applications for funding will be assessed on their ability to meet relevance, project design and impact criteria.


If the project that you have selected, perhaps with partner schools, requires the involvement of pupils in order to achieve its objective, then there is funding available for pupil mobilities. i.e. transport of accommodation funding for a small group of pupils. However this would normally only be available if it meets the strict criteria of the project.