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Continuing Professional Development / INSET

 British Council Connecting Classrooms Grant Application Support. Part day.

 Creating an Effective International Partnership. 1 day or a part day.

Iain Baird can offer advice and training to help take your existing international partnership from an early stage to an established stage. This workshop can be done as a full day or as a half day (which will only cover some of the key areas). The workshop can also be provided for a cluster of schools.


Iain set up an international link with Kenya in 1999 that expanding into a cluster link and then into a student exchange project that has exchanged over a hundred students. The cluster partnership has tackled a variety of curriculum project such as solar energy; performance poetry and political citizenship. Iain has also managed a Japanese partnership since 2001 and has organised teacher visits with France and Qatar. Iain has supported many local school partenerships and knows what makes a sustainable partnership and what does not. He will pass on his experience and provided practical strategies, as well as important underlying philosphies.

Iain is a director of the Global Learning Association which has been awarded the contract to assess Connecting Classrooms grant applications. As such he is privy to what the British Council  are looking for in a good application and also what the British Council have as their high priorities. Iain can take delegates through each section of the application form and give advice about what should be included. He cannot, however, make 'a silk purse out of a pig's ear' so international coordinators are asked to prepare themselves for the workshop by discussing the school's international partnerships aims with school managers and their colleagues. Click here for more information of the next workshop.

Below are shown a selection of workshops available. If you wish to book a workshop or discuss alternative workshops please contact Iain using the contact menu, or e-mail:  [email protected]


Putting the World into Your Classroom. 1 day or part day

Rather than just mention global issues to your classes once in a while, why not make the world the core of your schemes of work? Let your pupils learn their maths, English, science, history and, of course, geography through a global perspective. This type of curriculum theme can help pupils develop a much wider understanding of how people around the world are connected. Topics can include using water access in different countries to learn aspects of maths; communicating with global pen-friends to practice writing styles; or making solar ovens to study energy transfers in science.

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South America through the Amazon  (KS2) . Half day or Twilight

So your pupils have to study a region of North or South America for their KS2 Geography NC Programme of Study. You have decided, like most schools, to do South America. You might be tempted to study Brazil, which after all is one of the largest and most populace countries in the world, but what about studying the Amazon instead. This course will give advice on resources and approaches that can cover not only parts of the Geography PoS, but also parts of the Science PoS. There will be practical activities that you can use with your pupils in class, as well as many resource suggestions. We can also provide advice on the processes that have to be followed to form an international partnership with a school in Brazil or Colombia.