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The British Council Connecting Classrooms school partnership support grant.

The British Council provides support for international school partnerships through their Connecting Classrooms grant programme. A new grant programme is currently being arranged and full details will be available in Spring 2016.


Full details of the grant programme and how to get registered can be found on the British Council Schools Online website:


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Information can also be downloaded on the following topics:

Eligible Countries for Connecting Classroom Partnerships. Connecting Classrooms - Guide to School Partnerships How to apply for a Connecting Classrooms grant on line Global Citizenship Themes, Skills and Outlooks WCC - Guidance on Establishing a School Partnership

Whilst you prepare your Connecting Classrooms grant application form it is advisable to do so on a Word document, so that you can paste the application paragraphs directly into the boxes in the online form. This will not only speed up the process but will avoid losing what you have written if the internet link is broken.


Iain Baird has had experience of assessing Connecting Classrooms applications and can offer valuable advice, as well as check your application. If you feel that you require assistance then please contact Iain at iain@worldclasscitizens.co.uk or get more details of grant support workshops by clicking on this link button: