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British Council Connecting Classrooms Grant Application Support

Connecting Classrooms programme (CC3) is different to previous Connecting Classrooms programmes. One difference in the CC3 grant programme is the requirement for schools to have at least one teacher who has completed one of the Core Skills training courses that the British Council are offering free to schools. Once this has been completed then the school can apply for a £3000 grant that will allow two teachers from the school to visit an overseas school, in order to carry out an educational project. One of the two teachers must be the teacher who completed the Core Skills training course.


The visit can only be made to an overseas school that also has a teacher who has completed a Core Skills training course. The dates of the visit are determined by the British Council and are published on the relevant page on the SchoolsOnline website.


Iain Baird has been an assessor for the Connecting Classrooms grant applications and can therefore provide valuable advice when preparing your application. Iain can read through initial applications and offer verbal or written advice. However he can also provide an after-school workshop for a school or a cluster of schools (this option is limited to the Midlands, South West and Wales). Please feel free to contact Iain to discuss your needs: iain@worldclasscitizens.co.uk

Please e-mail or phone Iain Baird if you have any problems downloading the application form.


                 iain@worldclasscitizens.co.uk  or  07808150607

Deadline for the next Connecting Classrooms grant application is likely to be in June 2016.

 Advice and feedback on draft application:   £25 per application.


 After-school workshop for a school or cluster of schools : £75 + travel

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