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Africa is a continent, not a country

Africa is sometimes discussed as if it is a country, rather than a continent. (One recent American president was guilty of this ! ). This package gets children to explore the variety and abundance of Africa and tries to dispel the myth that Africa is nothing but famine and wars. Using a large jigsaw map of Africa the children learn to appreciate the size, as well as some of the products that are associated with Africa.


They can then go on study particular countries either as a day activity or as part of follow up activities with the class teacher.

Older children can also explore the history of the Africa continent, it's colonisation by European and Arabian countries as well as the exploitation by Western and Far Eastern companies. This can either be done as a drama activity or as a research topic. This topic can aslo be combined with one of the fair trade class activities. This secondary/tertiary topic can be adapted to fit into the classes scheme of work. Please feel free to contact Iain Baird.

Building Africa Map 9 cmp

Children assemble a jigsaw map of Africa. They then go onto to add items to represent the products produced by some African countries.

Building Africa Map 6 cmp

" Why is Africa so poor? "